Family Housing

Keeping Families Close During Treatment

We know families may be apprehensive about sending their loved one far from home for treatment after a traumatic injury.

That’s why Shepherd Center works hard to ensure that families can stay close by and provide patients with much-needed support, without the added financial burden of hotel costs.

Shepherd Center provides up to 30 days of housing to families of newly injured rehabilitation patients, if both the family and patient live more than 60 miles from the hospital. Families may use one apartment for up to 30 days. This time period can be used all at once or occasionally, as needed, during the inpatient stay.

The 30 days of housing is to help you make the transition from your acute care hospital in another city to rehabilitation in Atlanta.

Please refer to our list of nearby hotels or apartments that offer a special rate for Shepherd Center patients/families if you determine that your loved one’s stay will last more than 30 days and you wish to stay in Atlanta throughout his or her stay at Shepherd Center. You can also discuss this with your case manager.

If you will need housing while your loved one is at Shepherd Center, please notify the admissions liaison who is handling your admission to Shepherd Center, or contact our housing coordinator, at 404-350-7557.

Day Program Housing

Housing is also available for up to eight weeks for patients and families in Shepherd Center's Spinal Cord Injury Day Program if both the family and patient live more than 60 miles from the hospital. Housing for Shepherd Pathways patients and families is available for a limited time to families and Day Program patients referred directly from Shepherd Center's inpatient rehabilitation program if both the patient and family live more than 60 miles from the hospital's main campus in Atlanta. 

About the Irene and George Woodruff Family Residence Center 

  • 84 wheelchair-accessible, furnished suites located on the Shepherd Center campus.

About Biscayne Apartments

  • 24 studio apartments about 1/2 mile north of Shepherd Center on Biscayne Drive. 

About Shepherd Place

  • 12 accessible apartments about 1/4 mile north of Shepherd Center on Peachtree Park Drive.

Area Hotels and Apartments

Shepherd Center has partnered with several nearby hotels or apartments to offer competitive room rates for families of Shepherd patients.