Uninterrupted Care After Complex Injury and Illness at Shepherd Center

A one-stop shop for the outpatient management of medical conditions following a complex injury or illness 

The Rehabilitation Medicine Clinic is a specialized outpatient clinic at Shepherd Center equipped to manage the ongoing needs of those recovering from their conditions' physical, cognitive, and emotional symptoms.

Whether discharged directly from an acute care setting or a comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation program, patients and their families commonly need access to longer-term care, depending on the nature of the condition and anticipated functional outcomes.

While some patients may need ongoing care management, others may benefit from periodic follow-ups to anticipate and treat secondary health conditions like neuropathic pain or other factors impacting the quality of life, such as returning to work.

As a patient at our rehabilitation medicine clinic, you can access a specialized, interdisciplinary care team of physiatrists who collaborate to design a tailored, evidence-based treatment plan based on the initial course of treatment and how the condition has developed over time. With specialists and care services housed in a single clinic, we can focus on what is best for the patient while making it easy to consult, evaluate, and follow up on care quickly. 

Neurological-Related Conditions We Help Treat and Manage

  • Spinal cord injury 
    • Paraplegia (complete or incomplete) 
    • Tetraplegia (complete or incomplete) 
  • Non-traumatic spinal cord injury 
    • Spinal cord tumors/cysts 
    • Spinal cord infarction 
    • Aneurysm 
  • Traumatic brain injury 
  • Anoxic brain injury 
  • Cerebrovascular accident (CVA) 
  • Transverse myelitis 
  • Guillain-Barré syndrome 
  • Dual diagnosis (spinal cord injury with concurrent brain injury) 

Our Comprehensive Approach to Rehabilitation Medicine

Shepherd Center's approach to physical medicine and rehabilitation is comprehensive and patient-centered. The team of experts, including physiatrists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, case managers, and other specialists, collaboratively develop individualized care plans tailored to each patient's unique needs and goals.

Medical Management

Specialized and comprehensive outpatient management resources for complex injuries and illnesses.

Spasticity Management

Comprehensive care from a multi-specialty team that understands the long-term effects of involuntary muscle rigidity.

Case Management

Expert patient advocates to help confidently support, guide, and coordinate your care.

Patient Testimonial

The Rehabilitation Medicine Clinic is very personal and always glad to see you, so when you’re there, you always feel like you’re in good hands. They always ask about your needs, and they’re open to hearing what you have to say, no matter what it is.

Andy Byrd
Rehabilitation Medicine Clinic

Personalized Access to Shepherd’s Clinics, Classes, and Services

Due to the increasing complexity of traumatic injuries and illnesses, comprehensive and ongoing care is the most effective way to help restore function, improve quality of life, and reduce dependence on medications. As a patient at the Rehabilitation Medicine Clinic, your care can include visits with psychologists, pain experts, urologists, and additional specialists. Additionally, you’ll have access to other Shepherd resources like assistive technology, vocational training, and imaging services.

Peer support mentor meets with an outpatient with a spinal cord injury

Appointments and Referrals for the Rehabilitation Medicine Clinic

The Rehabilitation Medicine Clinic within Shepherd Center in Atlanta offers convenient access and free parking. A variety of scheduling options are provided, including repeat appointment times when available. As a one-stop shop for the outpatient management of medical conditions from a complex injury or illness, patients can access the most comprehensive services, from a visit with a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician to spasticity and case management.

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Rehabilitation Medicine Clinic at Shepherd Center

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