Outpatient Brain Injury Services

Every brain injury doesn't require the full spectrum of care. Shepherd Pathways is often called upon to provide expertise in one aspect of care or evaluation. You may come for only one service during a period of time, or you may return for other services, as necessary, even years after your original illness or injury. 

Specialized Outpatient Treatment for Acquired Brain Injury

You or your loved one may see one type of therapist or a combination, depending on the services needed. 

Our specialized therapies, evaluations, and programs include: 

  • Physical and occupational therapy 
  • Speech-language therapy 
  • Recreational therapy 
  • Neuropsychological assessment 
  • Rehabilitation counseling (Individual and Family) 
  • Medicolegal neuropsychological consultations 
  • Vocational assessment and treatment 
  • Assistive technology consultations 
  • Driver assessment and training

As with all of our Shepherd Pathways programs, individual treatment plans are developed in collaboration with the client and their support system. It is important to us that you feel involved and participate in your care by helping to set goals and understand expectations. We will involve you in ongoing education offered in a variety of formats. 

Referrals to Shepherd Pathways

Located in Decatur, Georgia, Shepherd Pathways provides extraordinary and expert outpatient care for individuals with brain injuries. Our multidisciplinary team of neurologic rehabilitation specialists is committed to helping you reintegrate into the community with personalized treatment plans in a variety of settings to meet your needs.

Referrals to Shepherd Pathways

Outpatient Brain Injury Rehabilitation at Shepherd Pathways

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