Brain Injury Residential Program

The Brain Injury Residential Program provides a safe and therapeutic environment in a structured, home-like atmosphere. This setting allows you to practice carryover of functional living skills from therapy to prepare for a successful transition back to your home and community. The Brain Injury Residential Program is licensed through the state of Georgia and is accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). 

Transitioning from Inpatient to Residential Rehabilitation

When you enter the post-acute phase of your recovery in Shepherd Center’s Inpatient Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program, you may transition to the residential rehabilitation program. You and your family receive total support throughout. In a transitional living apartment with a full kitchen and accessible bedrooms and bathrooms, both shared and private, you'll prepare to live more independently, should you be admitted to the brain injury residential program.

Brain Injury Residential Facility 

Located in Decatur, Georgia, the Brain Injury Residential Program offers an accessible 6-bed facility with 24-hour supervision by our nursing and patient care staff. The home is nestled in a community neighborhood with beautiful landscaping and is convenient to nearby shopping, recreational amenities, and medical services. 

Your care is facilitated by a physiatrist and supported by a team of nurses, therapists, and rehabilitation assistants. Brain injury specialists work with you to implement behavior and personal management plans. You receive additional assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), medications, and behavior management.

At Shepherd Pathways, we encourage you to do as much for yourself as possible, including showering, getting dressed, and cleaning your room. Our goal is to help you be as independent as possible to prepare for the transition back into your home and community.

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Located in Decatur, Georgia, Shepherd Pathways provides extraordinary and expert outpatient care for individuals with brain injuries. Our multidisciplinary team of neurologic rehabilitation specialists is committed to helping you reintegrate into the community with personalized treatment plans in a variety of settings to meet your needs.

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