Why Choose Shepherd Center's Brain Injury Program?

U.S. News & World Report ranks Shepherd Center among the top 10 rehabilitation hospitals in the nation. With a specialty focus on brain and spinal cord injury rehabilitation and research, we have more expertise and experience with brain injuries than most rehabilitation centers in the United States. 

Better Outcomes For Brain Injury

Our focus and expertise helps us to provide better care, resulting in better outcomes and higher return-to-home rates than the national average. Our care is not only effective, it blends comfort and compassion, which results in high patient satisfaction. In fact, 97 percent of our patients and their families report that they are likely to recommend Shepherd Center to others in need of rehabilitation care.

Shepherd Center has proven results in helping patients achieve more functional independence and return to their communities. One measure is FIM change, a measure of how much functional gain the patient received during rehabilitation. It is measured just after admission to Shepherd Center and again at discharge. Another measure is the rate of discharge to the community after a patient complete rehabilitation. Learn more about our clinical outcomes by visiting our clinical outcomes page.

Learn More About Shepherd Center's Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program

Shepherd Center's Brain Injury Team

Shepherd Center's team of physicians and medical professionals is a core part of what makes our brain injury rehabilitation program great. Learn more about our staff and doctors here.

Choosing a Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center

We believe the loved ones of people who sustain a brain injury should learn about what to look for when choosing a rehabilitation facility, regardless of whether they choose Shepherd Center for their rehabilitation. View our guide and checklist on how to choose a brain injury rehabilitation facility.

Patient and Family Guide For Brain Injury

For all potential and current patients, we have a comprehensive patient and family guide that includes information on Shepherd Center as a whole, as well as classes available for family members and patients dealing with brain injuries.

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Brain Injury Program Contacts

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