Comprehensive Stroke Care Treatment

Individualized Care for Stroke Patients

Example of Person-Centered Stroke Care at Shepherd Center

At Shepherd Center, an experienced team of doctors and medical professionals take an integrated approach to stroke care, treatment and rehabilitation. Our stroke treatment and rehabilitation specialists understand that stroke patients’ recovery must include learning a new way of life.

Stroke treatment at Shepherd Center meets the medical, physical, cognitive and emotional needs of the patient, while supporting and coordinating with the patient’s family. Shepherd also integrates high-tech therapeutic equipment into the patient’s rehabilitation program. These devices help maximize recovery and independence, while supporting the patient’s return to a productive lifestyle.

Depending on the severity of illness and medical needs, stroke patients get admitted to:

The Stroke Recovery Program at Shepherd Center provides patients with individualized care, specialized services and the latest in rehabilitation equipment.

Individualized Stroke Care and Treatment Services

Shepherd Center’s Stroke Rehabilitation Program is led by highly specialized stroke doctors trained in physical medicine and rehabilitation. In addition to the team of doctors, patients see a team of treatment and rehabilitation specialists to provide expertise across a variety of medical disciplines.

Learn more about our stroke medical staff and treatment specialists at Shepherd Center.

Shepherd Center’s Stroke Rehabilitation Program Resources

Want to learn more about Shepherd Center’s Stroke Rehabilitation Program? Discover how we tailor comprehensive care to meet patient outcomes and goals. Hear more about our patient program and services by listening to testimonials from past patients and family members. Or learn more about stroke treatment and recovery by reading our educational resources.