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Concussion management and therapy for individuals experiencing complex concussions

At our Complex Concussion Clinic, we’re dedicated to supporting you whether your an adolescent (12 years+) or an older adultthrough the challenges ofconcussion from sports, falls, car accidents, and other causes. 

We’re committed to returning patients to their full activity and performance level as quickly and as safely as possible. We seek the best outcome for every patient through evidence-based, individualized interventions. We empower our patients through active rehabilitative therapies early in the healing process to prevent long-term complications and to spark recovery. 

We also minimize the use of medications, which might mask symptoms and cause side effects that can slow progress. Our interdisciplinary team of specialists consult with families, employers, coaches and athletic trainers, and school officials to ensure safe return to pre-injury activities. We also develop and implement accommodations as needed to enable patient success. 

We understand that complex concussions can be distressing for you and medically challenging for your primary care physician. Our focused approach to care can significantly reduce recovery time and improve patient outcomes. 

Concussion Symptoms We Help Treat and Manage  

Physical Symptoms 

  • Headaches 
  • Dizziness 
  • A feeling of being off-balance 
  • Sensitive to light and/or noise 
  • Increased fatigue 
  • Visual difficulties 

Sleep Symptoms 

  • Changes in your sleep patterns 
  • Trouble falling and/or staying asleep 

Emotional Symptoms 

  • Increased irritability 
  • Feelings of sadness or being down 
  • Anxiety or nervousness 
  • Mood swings   

Cognitive Symptoms 

  • Decreased attention 
  • Memory problems 
  • Slower thinking 
  • Difficulty following directions 

When to Seek Care at the Concussion Clinic

If you have experienced head trauma, it’s crucial to seek medical attention for a concussion right away. You can undergo concussion testing at an emergency room, urgent care, athletic training center, or primary care facility. Your doctor will give you instructions for treating your concussion.  

Most concussions resolve in two weeks. However, if your symptoms do not go away after two weeks or worsen, a multidisciplinary facility such as the Complex Concussion Clinic can provide an individualized evaluation by a team of concussion specialists to determine the best course of treatment for your recovery. 

Concussion Testing and Diagnosis

Concussions affect different brain networks, so quickly addressing the range of impairments improves a person's recovery. At our Complex Concussion Clinic, each patient receives an individualized evaluation by a team of concussion specialists to determine the best course of treatment.  

Once a patient has been evaluated, our care team develops a treatment plan tailored to their specific injury and needs. This may involve weekly visits to one or more of our therapy specialists for eight to 12 weeks. The clinic streamlines care by providing interdisciplinary resources at a single location with state-of-the-art equipment. Treatment is completed in person and using telehealth, depending on the patient's needs. Our multi-disciplinary team includes: 

  • Neurology and rehabilitation medicine physicians who specialize in brain injury 
  • Neuropsychology, sports psychology, and counseling 
  • Athletic training 
  • Vestibular physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech/cognitive therapy 
  • Vocational counseling 
  • Case management 

Comprehensive Concussion Care and Treatment 

People who have experienced a concussion will typically start their treatment in a primary care facility or other general healthcare facility, such as an urgent care or athletic training facility. As a specialized facility, the Complex Concussion Clinic offers fully integrated, multi-disciplinary treatment for concussions. With our focused approach to care, we can significantly reduce recovery time and improve patient outcomes. Our interventions include:   

  • Unique research-based comprehensive evaluation and treatment, specifically for complex concussions  
  • Comprehensive expertise spanning medical, rehabilitation, psychological, vocational, and athletic needs  
  • Patient-centered individualized goal-centered care with the emphasis on return to play, school/work, and community  
  • Convenience of 10 specialties combined in one location, and options for telehealth, as appropriate  
  • Advanced technology  
  • Patient/family education 

Jordyn Sak hikes a trail.
Patient Testimonial

They printed out my testing results and talked me through them. Now, I could understand my symptoms and have a plan of action to address them. By the time my treatments were done, I was feeling good, and my symptoms subsided.

Jordyn Sak
Concussion Clinic

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Beginning your recovery is easy with our simple request appointment form that connects you directly to our concussion specialists. As a one-stop shop for concussion care, patients have access to the most comprehensive concussion services, from a visit with dedicated concussion specialists to vestibular physical therapy, neuropsychology, and more.

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