Interventional Pain Management & Treatment at Shepherd Center

A one-stop shop for treating chronic pain

We believe in providing comprehensive, patient-centered support for people with chronic pain conditions.

The Dean Stroud Spine and Pain Institute at Shepherd Center offers the best services and interventional pain management treatment options – from procedure-based interventions to rehabilitation, psychology, and more. 

As a patient at the Pain Institute, you can access a specialized, interdisciplinary care team of highly trained, certified, and experienced pain specialists who collaborate to design a tailored, evidence-based treatment plan based on your symptoms and goals.

With specialists and care services housed in a single clinic, we can focus on what’s best for the patient while making it easy to communicate care quickly, make referrals, and adjust treatments as needed. 

An Interventional Pain Management Approach to Treating Chronic Pain

Our practice model treats chronic pain's physical and emotional components to restore and maintain function and improve quality of life. We use the latest imaging technology to establish a precise diagnosis, treat pain at its source, and provide extensive rehabilitation plans to ensure the best possible opportunity for long-term improvement.

Rather than relying on medications, interventional pain management treatments include techniques to block the pain at its source. In addition to traditional procedure-based treatments, such as steroid injections, our pain management approach also includes a wide range of modern, effective, and minimally invasive pain management therapies provided on an outpatient basis. Your dedicated care team of pain specialists will tailor your treatment approach based on your specific pain conditions and symptoms.

Physical Therapy for Chronic Pain

Our physical therapist is an expert in chronic pain and uses a variety of exercises and techniques to help treat the areas of your body that experience pain or need rehabilitation. In addition to long-term pain relief, physical therapy can help regain mobility, strength, and flexibility while minimizing the need for pain management medications.

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The physical therapist in the Pain Institute hold's a patients mid back as she reaches her arms high for the pull down bar during therapy

Shepherd Director of Psychology, Laurie Nash, sits in her office with patient, Quinn Hogan

Psychological Therapy for Chronic Pain

Our licensed psychologist specializes in cognitive and behavioral pain management approaches, helping you break the chronic pain cycle. Pain psychology treatments are individualized and flexible, combining holistic techniques and therapies. In addition to long-term pain relief, psychological therapy can also help strengthen your body, mind, and spirit.

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Carolynn Goerke and her husband, James, smile while seated at a wedding reception
Patient Testimonial

It’s like I have been stuck on the top of a mountain for years. Now I’m coming down slowly. Each step is significant. I still have a lot more to go, but thanks to the Pain Institute at Shepherd Center, we are finally on the right path.

Carolynn Goerke
Dean Stroud Spine and Pain Institute 

Personalized Access to Shepherd’s Clinics, Classes, and Services

Due to the increasing complexity of chronic pain, comprehensive care is the most effective way to help restore function, improve quality of life, and reduce dependence on medications. As a patient at the Pain Institute, your care can include visits with neuropsychologists, pain experts, urologists, and other specialists as needed. Additionally, you’ll have access to other Shepherd resources like yoga for pain classes, adaptive technology consultation services, imaging services, seating clinics, and more.

Two pain specialists review x-rays of a skull on a computer monitor

Appointments and Referrals for the Pain Institute

Located within Shepherd Center in Atlanta, the Pain Institute offers convenient access and free parking. A variety of scheduling options are provided, including repeat appointment times when available. As a one-stop shop for chronic pain, patients have access to the most comprehensive pain services, from a visit with a dedicated pain specialist to physical therapy, pain psychology, and more.

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