Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis and Treatment at Shepherd Center

Integrative treatments for diagnosing, managing, and slowing the progression of multiple sclerosis

Although there is currently no cure for multiple sclerosis (MS), medicines and other treatments can help control the condition and ease symptoms. At the Andrew C. Carlos Multiple Sclerosis Institute at Shepherd Center, your treatment plan is customized based on your MS type, whether your disease is active or in remission, and the symptoms you’re experiencing. 
This individualized care plan can include confirming the diagnosis, prescribing disease-modifying medications, administrating infusion therapy, or coordinating further specialized treatment in rehabilitation and wellness. 
You may also be referred to other specialized clinics and services within Shepherd Center, such as vocational counseling, seating, or urology, to help manage symptoms and provide the most comprehensive care. 

Medical Workup, Diagnosing, and Managing Multiple Sclerosis

Medical professionals manage administrative duties at the Andrew C. Carlos Multiple Sclerosis Institute.

MS Medical Workup

Through an in-depth neurological assessment and state-of-the-art imaging, we take the time to get to know your individual medical history, symptoms, and other possible factors. This comprehensive approach allows us to develop a more specific and personalized treatment plan.

Neurologist Jacqueline Rosenthal, M.D., Medical Director and Neurologist Ben Thrower, M.D., and Advanced Practice Provider Jennifer Khong, PA-C gather around a monitor to discuss patient care.

Diagnosing MS

Diagnosing multiple sclerosis can be a challenging process. Misdiagnosis is common without a singular test to diagnose the condition, leading to delays in proper treatment or unnecessary medications that can alter the immune system. At the MS Institute, our care team has exceptional knowledge and experience in treating patients with MS, so we understand how to differentiate the disease from similar conditions.

John Davis works with Physical Therapist Taylor Galmarini during a physical therapy session using the  ZeroG® Gait and Balance System.

Managing MS Symptoms and Pain

Your MS symptoms may vary in intensity and duration and change over time. MS symptoms and pain can be effectively managed with a comprehensive treatment approach that includes medication and rehabilitation strategies. Due to MS's complexity and diversity, you may also be referred to other experts and specialty clinics to help create a coordinated care plan tailored to your symptoms and goals.

Treatment for Modifying and Slowing the Progression of Multiple Sclerosis

Disease Modifying Therapies, also known as DMTs, are medications that modify the underlying mechanism of the disease itself. DMTs used for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) management are available via different routes of administration, including injectables, IV infusions, and oral medications. The goal of DMTs for MS is to alter the course of the disease and slow its progression. Below is a list of the majority of DMTs used at the MS Institute.

Injectable Disease Modifying Therapies

  • Avonex (interferon beta-1a)
  • Betaferon (interferon beta-1b)
  • Extavia (beta interferon-1b)
  • Glatiramer acetate (Copaxone)
  • Ofatumumab (Kesimpta)
  • Plegridy (peginterferon beta 1a)
  • Rebif (beta interferon-1a)

Oral Diseases Modifying Therapies

  • Cladribine (Mavenclad)
  • Dimethyl fumarate (Tecfidera)
  • Diroximel fumarate (Vumerity)
  • Fingolimod (Gilenya)
  • Ozanimod (Zeposia)
  • Siponimod (Mayzent)
  • Teriflunomide (Aubagio)

Infusion Disease Modifying Therapies

  • Natalizumab (Tysabri)
  • Ocrelizumab (Ocrevus)

Infusion Therapy for MS

As an alternative to oral medications, MS infusion therapy may be an option to help minimize symptoms, slow the progression of the disease, and reduce the risk of future MS exacerbations.

At the MS Institute, our specialized MS nurses and providers administer infusion therapy for patients in a caring and family-like atmosphere. Our infusion center is conveniently housed within the clinic space, and it may be possible to have an infusion and a medical appointment scheduled on the same day.

Infusion Therapy Nurse Chandra McElroy administers medicine to patient Vicki Wadsworth during her infusion therapy treatment for multiple sclerosis.

Angel Torres sits in a chair and smiles
Patient Testimonial

It’s how much the MS Institute invests in you. It’s the amount of time you have with doctors. You’re not rushed. Staff members are always talking with each other, too. Everybody I work with at Shepherd Center is constantly collaborating on my case.

Angel Torres
Andrew C. Carlos Multiple Sclerosis Institute

Appointments and Referrals for the Andrew C. Carlos MS Institute 

Located within Shepherd Center in Atlanta, the MS Institute offers convenient access and free parking. A variety of scheduling options are provided, including repeat and same-day appointment times when available. Receiving all of your MS care in a centralized location at Shepherd Center ensures continuity of care through a comprehensive team approach.

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Patient Stories from Shepherd Center's Newsroom

Angel Torres sits in a chair and smiles

Patient Story: Angel Torres

With the help of a personalized treatment plan from the MS Institute, Capt. Angel Torres was able to help strengthen his muscles, combat foot drop issues, and address memory fog.

Charlotte Anderson smiles as she flexes her bicep holding a weight

Patient Story: Charlotte Anderson

After receiving her MS diagnosis in 2016, Charlotte Anderson has been working with the MS Institute at Shepherd Center to take control of fighting the disease and her symptoms.

Stephanie Anderson stands at the court house while wearing her judge's gown

Patient Story: Stephanie Anderson

The MS Institute helped Stephanie Anderson manage her vision, mobility, and cognitive issues, giving her the confidence to apply to be an associate judge.

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